Equinox Unconference

22nd September 2020


the time the Earth day is in equaly devided between night and day.

Fall Equinox summons us. We synchronize at this significant point in time to celebrate our place in life amidst the natural forces which move the outer world as much as the inner. Eternally we search for balance and embrace paradox to leverage the potential of polarity. As light casts a shadow, so order breeds chaos. As the sun abandons us, the night pulls us inward. And, once more, the yin meets the yang.


a participant-driven gathering to Learn, Teach and Share

Unconferences are loosely structured and coordinated by participants who abide by the law of two feet - if your not recieving value, please find a space where you are or create some value for others! Our themes are open in ethos and non prescribed, anyone can get involved in ways of their own choosing. This is a participatory meeting of hands, heads and hearts in open space to build collective capacity and common potential.

With that said, we are practicing self organisation where no-one and everyone is a facillitator. Please join us this Equinox in a game of artful participation!



Share an experience of open space with a diverse and interesting group who are co-creating and organising themselves around a shared collection of narratives.

Feel free to interact during sessions and contribute to each others journey by sharing stories and ideas together, or simply jump in and organise your own session. All kinds of contribution are welcome.



Want to experience what a self-organising participatory space feels like? Gather around the digital bonfire with us as an attendee, hopefully the discussion will warm you up enough participate. Sessions are available here.



Grab a spade and come community gardening - your help is most welcome! Volunteering to share your intentions and attention with us in any way is appreciated and we've thought of a variety of ways that people can contribute. In that spirit, please drop in to the Discord channel if your up for filling a few holes with us!

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teach and learn
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Tuesday, 22nd September15:00 CEST 07:00 CST 18:30 IST

What is self-organisation? To different people it means differnt things, lets frame the conversation together and build a common context around what works and what doesnt work.

Tuesday, 22nd September15:30 CEST 07:30 CST 19:00 IST

Tuesday, 22nd September16:00 CEST 08:00 CST 19:30 IST

A discussion led by Aditi.

Tuesday, 22nd September16:30 CEST 08:30 CST 20:00 IST

An open inquire lead by Manoj of the Swadharma Programme

Tuesday, 22nd September17:00 CEST 09:00 CST 20:30 IST

A presentation / demo / discussion led by Sam.

Tuesday, 22nd September17:00 CEST 09:00 CST 20:30 IST

A distributed workshop led by Monique

Tuesday, 22nd September17:30 CEST 09:30 CST 21:00 IST

An Open Space discussion/workshop led by Roberto.

Tuesday, 22nd September17:30 CEST 09:30 CST 21:00 IST

A presentation / demo led by Thomas.

Tuesday, 22nd September19:00 CEST 11:00 CST 22:30 IST

Oracle reading, confessional, circle lead by Ximena.

Tuesday, 22nd September19:30 CEST 11:30 CST 23:00 IST

A discussion led by Ome & Polto about theory of value in crypto (and non-crypto) systems.

Tuesday, 22nd September19:30 CEST 11:30 CST 23:00 IST

A presentation / Open Questions led by Federico.

Tuesday, 22nd September20:00 CEST 12:00 CST 23:30 IST

Learn how to build open ventures, structured by stigmergy, or hybrid ventures that borrow functionalities from the p2p world and operate within the traditional world. (Sensorica).

Tuesday, 22nd September20:00 CEST 12:00 CST 23:30 IST

An invitation to explore the inner world via Breathwork. The session will start with a grounding exercise, go into the breathing session and will be followed by sound immersion. Find yourself a calm space, ideally with headphones and dive into what wants to immerge and just follow the breath. No pre-knowledge to breathwork necessary.The session is via Zoom, registration via link in body.

Tuesday, 22nd September20:00 CEST 12:00 CST 23:30 IST

Presentation, Questions & Discussion led by Alban Our-movement.org.

Tuesday, 22nd September21:00 CEST 13:00 CST 00:30 IST

How to foster self-awarness in groups of people. A discussion led by Severin on self-awareness in groups.

Tuesday, 22nd September21:30 CEST 13:30 CST 01:00 IST

A supprise protest tour


Participate artfully

Be present. Be kind. Be whatever feels right.

Space explorer, facilitator or a fly on the wall? What other hats do you see yourself wearing? There is only one thing that is set:

we share this space together and together make the experience happen!


Signals get easily muddled in digital space, it's not as easy to sync and follow the non-verbal cues. So to keep the signals clear and prune unnecessary or conversation, there is a hat for space keeper. This someone might keep track of time, help everyone feel welcome and "pop the stack" when discussion gets too granular or off course. We all share this role in the open space of the unconference!


2020 Greeting of the year: "Can you hear me?". Tech will be tech, so if your mic is not working or you see other people struggling please help each other. No luck? Drop a line in the #firstaid channel so that the tech fairies of the community can step up and try to help you.


Some additional info

🌕 Where is the Equinox Unconference happening?

It will happen on Hackalong Discord Sever. New to Discord? Find out more about it here

🌕 How to join Discord?

This magic link will take you straight to the Discord channel

🌕 Where are the rooms? Image of Yaktocat

🌕 How do I add a discussion? Send us your Github username in the unconference channel and we'll give you push access. The instructions here will show you how to make a pull request.


The non-verbal etiquette of the digital space
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I resonate with what your saying

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Got it

No further explanation needed.

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Let's move on

..and share the time with others.