Fall Equinox Unconference

23nd September 2022


A time when the Earth day is equally divided between night and day.

At this significant point in time we synchronize to celebrate our place in life amidst the natural forces which move our outer world as much as our inner. In the eternal search for balance we embrace paradox to leverage a potential inherent in our polarities. As light casts a shadow, so order breeds chaos. As the sun welcomes us, the night subsides. And, once more, the yin meets the yang.


a participant-driven gathering to Play, Learn, Teach, and Share

Unconferences are loosely structured and coordinated by participants who abide by the 'law of two feet'; go wherever you feel like going! If you feel lost, perhaps you might seek somebody. If you can't find a space, create one! Our themes are open in ethos and non-prescribed, anyone can get involved in ways of their own choosing. This is a participatory meeting of hands, heads, and hearts in an open space to build collective capacity, embrace diversity, and manifest our resonant potential. Play the way you feel it.

We are practising self-organisation where no-one and everyone is a facilitator.
Please share in the richness and responsibility of co-facilitating and join us this Equinox in a game of artful participation!



Share an experience of open space with a diverse and interesting group who are co-creating and organising our selves around some intractable sensation of shared interest.

Feel welcome to interact during informal sessions and contribute to each other's journey by sharing stories, ideas, experiences or whatever together. Otherwise, simply jump in and start your own session. All kinds of contributions are welcome.



Want to experience what a self-organising participatory space feels like? Let's gather around a digital bonfire together! Hopefully, the discussion will warm you up enough to participate. There is no agenda, but a co-created and unfolding exploration. Get a taste of themes that were discussed at the 2020 autumn event.



Grab a spade and come community gardening; your help is most welcome! Volunteering to share your intentions and attention is much appreciated. We've also thought of a variety of ways that the uninitiated may contribute.

In that spirit, please feel welcome to drop in to a Discord channel if you're up for planting a few holes with us! Exercise your judgment and please invite kin whom you feel would contribute generatively to our shared experiences.

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πŸŒ• Where is the Equinox Unconference happening? It will happen on Discord. New to Discord? Find out more about it here.

πŸŒ• How to join Discord? This magic link will take you straight to a Discord channel. Don't get confused by the name, as everyone is an admin, it can be changed by anyone, anytime!

πŸŒ• Where are the rooms? The rooms are on the left-hand side under the 'Equinox' category heading. You will see an icon of a loudspeaker next to the channel name if it's a voice channel with active participant avatars the name (if there's anyone in the room).

πŸŒ• We are having a parallel event on our own server, can we also join the Unconference? Sure! You just need install the disconference bot in your server. Your programme, voice channels and participation will appear together with the other communities! If you wish you can also use that information to create your own map and programme on your website, by accessing the information at disconference.hackalong.io

Self-facilitating flow


This track has no agenda; channel names change as "dynamic signals" calling your attention. Gather in small groups based on shared purpose and interest.

Dynamic channel names: Channels can easily be created in Discord for new conversations. As conversations drift and topics change, rename them by right-clicking and selecting "edit channel" to update them and let others know. This is a very easy way to signal what is going on in your little nook of the internet.


  • To create safe spaces for human connection and exploration
  • Getting to know each other
  • Meet old and new friends
  • Spark curiosity
  • To question
  • To explore

Format guided by open space principles

  • Whoever comes are the right people
  • Whatever happens, is the only thing that could have
  • When it starts it's the right time
  • When it’s over it’s over.


Themes are emergent. Check out what happened during the previous equinox gatherings.

Hand signals

The non-verbal etiquette of the digital space
signals animation


I resonate with what you are saying

signals animation

Got it

No further explanation needed.

signals animation

Let's move on

..and share the time with others.


Be artful

Be present. Be kind. Be whatever feels right.

Space-explorer, facilitator or a fly on the wall? What other hats do you see yourself wearing? There is only one thing that is probably self-evident:

we share these spaces together and together make our experience happen!


Signals get easily muddled in digital space. It's not as easy to sync and follow missing non-verbal cues. So, in order to keep signals clear and to prune unnecessary conversation, there is a suggested hat for space-keeper. This 'someone' might keep track of time, help everyone to feel welcome and "pop the stack" when discussion gets too granular or off course. Plot twist - We all share this role in the open spaces of the unconference!


2020 Greeting of the year: "Can you hear me?". Tech will be tech, so if your mic is not working or if you see other people struggling; please help each other. No luck? Drop a line in the #tech-support channel so others can step in and attempt to help you.